Know the warning signs for replacing or repairing your shingle roof

September 11, 2019

Are you wondering if you need to call a roofing company for replacing or repairing your shingle roof? Have you checked the signs properly?

Check and contact the roofing company if you find any of these warning signs on shingle your roof

Clawing or curling shingles: –

Clawing or curling shingles are the signs of both excessive heat and an old roof system. Clawed or curled shingles are extremely susceptible to ice damage and uplifted wind. Shingles can break or can become rigid easily and can lose the tab edges. So check for this to know you need repairing or replacing.

Bare spots and missing granules: –

Lack of eaves trough, poorly designed drainage valley, or defectively placed downspouts may lead to a waterfall that can wash away all the pellets over time. Any physical damage or aging of the roof can cause loss of granules and bare spots. When the defensive roof granules start losing, the shingle starts getting harder because of exposure to the sun and heat. Loss of granules will speed up aging. This can also cause decay of the shingle, which may create the entrance door for water to enter.

Missing or broken shingles: –

Missing and broken shingles weaken the ability of the roof system to shed water. The two most common reasons of damaged or broken shingles are physical damage and excessive wind or storm.

Collapsing shingles: –

Clasping or collapsing shingles are the waved distortions you can see on your roof. You can see these distortions running vertically up the slope of your roof. Clasped shingles are prone to ice and wind damages. These kinds of damages can tear off anytime. Improperly installed roof underlayment is one of the primary reasons for collapsing shingles.

Distorted flashings: –

Flashings that you may find around the eaves, skylight, well details, stacks, chimneys, and valleys are subjected to lifting, drying out, and separation. These flashing details may get lifted up and get separated because of normal contraction and expansion. Contraction and expansion may loosen the fasteners. It can also lift the bottom-flashing extension thus letting the water enter.

While checking the entire roof, if you come across any of these above-mentioned signs, you will have to get your roof shingle repaired or replaced by a reliable and reputed roofing company. You cannot notice these damages inside your house too soon but these distortions may damage deck sheathing and insulation leading to the rise of repairing or replacing cost. Get in touch with a good roofing contractor before you get to see more of these warning signs on your roof.  Getting rid of such damages will not only keep your house safe and protected but will also not let your expenses hoop up.