Consider these Points before Hiring a Roofer in Dublin

August 17, 2018

Roofs are a vital part of any structure. While the base gives strength to the building, the roof gives protection from above. Enduring the ravages of the weather, the constant assault of dust and pollution can damage your roof. There might be leaks, missing shingles, slide outs or just aging issues.

When faced with such problems, one should hire a reliable roofer in Dublin.
It’s not just the repairs; you need roofers for installation purposes as well. In case you are building or remodeling one and need a new roof, you have to call a roofer. These professionals also provide with regular roof maintenance, chimney flashings repair, skylight installation and repairs, gutter cleaning and repairs etc.

Checklist of hiring a good Roofer in Dublin

When looking for a roofer for installation as well as repair-work, you need to have a checklist. If the person meets with all the criteria then it is safe to hire him. Since it is the roof of the building, you do not want to be hasty while making the choice. Hiring the wrong person for the job will not only cost you money but will also jeopardize your home.

So in case you are on the lookout for a roofer in Dublin, you have to consider the following traits before hiring one.

Before hiring any professional, you need to check if the person has a license. Having a license proves the credibility and transparency of the service provider and his work.

You should definitely consider the experience of the roofer. Having several years of experience means he has dealt with different kind of roofing issues. That might come handy while doing your project. The person should have roofing experience in both residential and commercial sectors. A roofer who has been in the job for many years will be able to give you the best suggestions for roof maintenance too.

It is better if you ask the roofer to show you some samples of his previous work. From that, you get an idea of the work quality. If a roofer is claiming that he can handle roofs of all kind, then he should be able to prove it too. It is even better if you can get feedback from his previous clients. If there is an ongoing project then you can visit the site and see the work yourself.

What the roofer charges for his work, should be taken into consideration too. Firstly, you should make a budget estimate yourself. Keep a maximum margin of the price that you are ready to pay. Then ask your roofer for a quote. It is better if you get a quote from more than one person for a better choice.

The one who gets a green light all the above categories is the roofer in Dublin you should be working with.