4 Reasons to choose flat roofing in Dublin for your home

June 20, 2019

It is quite common to see flat roofing in Dublin at the commercial buildings. It is quite popular in those circles. However, one can also implement that kind of roof in their homes, because of its numerous contributing factors that we will discuss in detail in this blog.

As the name suggests, flat roofing is not the usual roof that you see in residential structures. However, it is a viable option. If you are thinking of re-roofing your house then, then you might want to think about going for a flat. It is known for being easy to maintain, convenient and to certain extent damage resistant.


Hereunder we have highlighted a few advantages of flat roofs so that it is easy for you to make a decision for your residence:


Flat roof installation is quite affordable than the other roof systems. Even the materials needed to make the roof cost less. If you are going for a house renovation, then flat roofing can help you save some money that you can utilize in other repairs and changes. If you are thinking of recoating the flat roof in the long run, then even that is cost effective.


Maintaining a flat roofs is also easier. Since it does not have a slope, inspection for leaks and damages is very convenient. You do not need to worry about safety issues when getting on the roof. You might need professionals for inspection and repair, but the initial one, you can handle yourself.


Cleaning and maintaining a flat roof is quite easy, than the sloped roofs. All you got to do is see that the drainage passage remains unclogged so that there is no water logging. People who like to host their parties in the open can even turn their flat roofs into a rooftop garden. It makes for the perfect place to spend some time with friends or alone stargazing.


Many don’t know this but flat roofs are much durable than traditional roofing systems. According to roofing experts, a well made flat roof can last for up to 30 years. However, you need to take care of the maintenance and cleaning part to make it last longer. Flat roofs are also known to be more wind resistant. It can withstand the harsh weather in a much efficient way. This means that you will have fewer worries when it comes to repairs and fixes of the roof.

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