Fixing Water Stains Off Your Flat Roof Is Now Easy. Here’s how!

March 22, 2019

Monsoon is undoubtedly a boon to nature but at the same time a curse for your house. The water upon drying leaves such terrible marks on the walls and ceilings that are not less than an eyesore. However, you can do your house a favor and try to fix it with some inexpensive remedies. A small tip in this context is never to use a usual step ladder while carrying out the repairing work.

However, for that, you need to take care of some of the factors that are quite crucial before starting on to the process. Here is a list of the things that you will need to take care of –

  1. Locate the source of moisture- The terrible marks are nothing but the role of moisture indicating some sort of leakage in the flat roof. This may also happen due to damaged ceilings that at times become quite difficult to pinpoint. However, it is extremely important to locate the source of the damage or it may as well reoccur from time to time.
  2. Next thing up is to measure the extent of the damage and find out the necessary way outs to remove the damaged wall out from the place. For this, one must also know all about the flat roof basic. Among that, the main criteria are to keep them slanted to almost 1 in 80 gradients. This is simply to enable the free flow of water that will keep the flooding at bay.
  3. There can be both temporary as well as a permanent fix to the issue that ranges from the application of thin bitumen primer to seal the cracks with concrete. Rubber roof repair or EPDM is also some other kind of fixes that take care of damages to roof tiles, slate or flat roofs.

A damaged wall is a sign that your roof requires help and you must pay heed to it in order to make the things better. Hence, keep these signs and respective measures in mind before you deal with the water stains on your flat roof.