3 Mistakes That People Make While Installing New Slate Roofs

March 22, 2019

Your roofs can’t talk but surely it can show you the signs that it needs help. Here is a lookout for a few of the common issues that your ceilings may suffer by because of a few mistakes on your part. Hence, watch out for the signs and keep these following mistakes in check-

  1. Opting for a wrong slate type

It is one common mistake that people tend to make that is not checking for the right type of slate while installing their slate roofs. One needs to remember that not all construction sites have the same requirements and hence it demands specific slates with characteristic features and longevity.

  1. No headlap

Although it holds prime importance in regards to successful installation of slate roof, still it is quite neglected by the roofing contractors. This is mainly because if there is no headlap, it can be quite disastrous in the long run. Also, it is important to make sure that one is installing the right kind of headlap.

  1. DIY

Although DIY projects can be inexpensive then again they require a huge amount of effort and time to carry out the complete procedure. Hence, if you do not have sufficient tools and equipment to carry out the project, it is better to give the idea a miss. Some people take the workload of fixing their damaged roof on their own before having prior knowledge and skills into the field. In that case, they may as well hamper the situation to a greater extent.

  1. Not paying heed to the budget

Two kinds of issues may arise in this regard that is the cost may get overestimated or underestimated. This is again related to the total project duration that you must also take into the concern while planning to fix your faulty roof. Hence, it is extremely important not to underestimate the project cost and give it a priority while planning out the execution.

Such mistakes are quite evident to make when you take things into your own hands while fixing your slate roof condition or installing a new one. Hence, it is always better to seek the helping hand from some expert sources who can guide you with the necessary steps that you must be following while fixing the issue. If not, then simply keep the above points in check and it will get you the desired results by preventing you from making the common mistakes.